Managed services means bringing in experts to manage, produce and/or support your collaborative technology. Let us explain a bit further.

Endpoint Management

Connected Endpoints

What is it?

Endpoints are devices or nodes connected to a network, accepting communication back and forth. An endpoint can be immersive, multi-purpose or personal – connecting people over video on their laptops, mobile phones and desktops.

Infrastructure Management


What is it?

Collaboration infrastructure usually involves:

  • Endpoints
  • Video Services (recording, streaming, conferencing)
  • Video Network Services (call control, gateways)
  • Management
  • Network (router, switch, firewall)

Pinnaca is able to assist in designing, managing and support this architecture.

Scheduling & Production


What is it?

The easiest end-to-end solution if you want to hold a meeting and enable someone else to manage the entire process. Conference scheduling and production means:

  • Scheduling and confirming your conferences
  • Event pretesting to ensure readiness
  • A dedicated technician to welcome participants and ensure all parties are connected to the meeting
  • Live assistance and event management
  • Audio add on and meeting recording
  • Connection/Disconnection of conferences
  • Conferencing reporting

Global Support

Infrastructure Management

What is it?

Collaborative technology experts help with end-user assistance, warranty & maintenance for your hardware, and training material. Pinnaca’s global support capability enables us to help whenever, wherever you need us.


Increase usage and adoption of collaboration from less than 25% to:


achieved by best practice development and operational support capability

Focus on your core business, and leave the rest to us. Managed Service ensures you have great meeting experiences each and every time. Peace-of-mind included.