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As an independent service provider, Pinnaca partners with the world’s leading conferencing manufacturers to create telemedicine and Telehealth solutions that deliver improved patient care.

Today’s healthcare providers face many challenges including increasing patient loads, shortage of medical professionals, rising costs and specialists that are not available locally. Pinnaca’s healthcare portfolio offers visual communication solutions that allow patients to interact with doctors who may be hundreds of miles away in a clinical setting. Our integrated solutions help improve the cost-effectiveness of clinical collaboration, enable virtual care team consulting, manage distributed operations and utilize scarce expert resources.

AviziaMD Telehealth Solutions

With the CA700 and CA300, healthcare providers can overcome the barrier of distance, increase patient access to timely care, and work more productively through remote face-to-face collaboration in a medical setting.

This easy-to-use, high-definition, video collaboration system is designed for mobility at the point of care. The CA700 is ideal for a variety of medical uses, including remote patient consultations, virtual care, and medical education. It gives healthcare facilities the chance to bring the benefits of video conferencing to patients and employees.

The CA300 telemedicine cart supports general telemedicine use cases, requires minimal training and is one of the most affordable solutions on the market. For organizations that have hesitated to invest in telemedicine because of high startup costs, the CA300 may be the perfect remedy.


With OnePlace you can receive remote requests for any of your specialty services, use our scheduling and workflow tools to coordinate care delivery, and view live dashboard updates with patients as they come in from different sources, filtered by priority. Email, SMS and pager notifications are automatically sent to the appropriate on call providers to minimize wait times.

Consult Accelerator®

Consult Accelerator® is a clinical web application that enables care teams to collaborate in real-time with on-call providers to improve patient throughput, foster better treatment decisions, and improve patient outcomes. The application enables care teams to work in coordination with call calendars, voice and video conferencing, and store-and-forward of clinical cases.

Review Interview with Dr. Alan Pitt, CMO of AviziaMD discussing the Telemedicine: Top of Mind Topics.

AMD Telehealth Solutions
Telemedicine Carts and Systems

AMD’s clinical telemedicine carts and systems make it easy to get your telemedicine programs up and running. These mobile medical carts are designed to be flexible to your specific requirements, so you can integrate the hardware and software you need for your clinical telemedicine program. Or you can choose an all-in-one system that comes equipped with standard medical devices and telemedicine software.

Telemedicine Medical Devices

Successful clinical telemedicine applications rely heavily on the clarity of medical images and data collected during the patient encounter. For this reason, AMD Global Telemedicine has pioneered the development of reliable medical devices and equipment that deliver superior quality medical images and precise patient data, even in difficult and remote telemedicine applications.

Video Guidance telemedicine / telehealth applications are designed to create environments to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and experience of patient care for:

  • Telepharmacy
  • Tele ICU and Tele NiCu
  • Telenursing
  • Remote home health monitoring
  • Rural telemedicine / telehealth
  • Tele psychology & Tele pathology
  • Remote triage
  • Patient to family communication
  • Remote access to specialty care

As a true visual communication managed services provider, Video Guidance offers a portfolio of telemedicine / telehealth solutions designed to help healthcare organizations achieve their business initiatives. Learn from users in healthcare who have partnered with Video Guidance to implement telemedicine / telehealth solutions. Benefit from our telemedicine video applications, achievements and best practices.