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The legal profession is challenged to offer cost-effective services, increase client satisfaction and revenue, while cutting costs.  Immediate and precise communications can be delivered in the form of video conferencing to address many operational needs. Video conferencing provides access to experts, assistance with inter-office communications, facilitation of continuing education, expedited recruiting and the ability to conduct client conferences, depositions and testimonies.

Visual collaboration technology is changing the way governments interact with citizens.  Citizens need easy access to public sector agencies in secure, seamless and reliable environments. Additionally, public service employees need the ability to collaborate across multiple agencies and geographies in real time. Video conferencing enables government organizations to engage organization and stakeholders, provide on-demand access to services from any location, reduce cost and distance/travel barriers; and improve public services, justice systems, emergency services and security.



  • Enhance Communications

    Video depositions, which are recorded and used as evidence in trials, can be difficult to schedule when witnesses are located out of state. With video conferencing, interviews and testimonies can be taken and recorded “in person” from anywhere for future playback.

  • Improved Collaboration

    With an emphasis on productivity and billable hours, attorneys simply cannot spend unnecessary time to attend out-of-office meetings, business reviews or training. Video conferencing allows attorneys to meet, prepare documents together, conduct training on new procedures and participate in briefings from the convenience of their own offices.

  • Training and Certifications

    Video conferencing and streaming are ideal for legal organizations to conduct training sessions. Training can take place LIVE with a trainer or on-demand from a recorded session to review at a later date. These powerful approaches allow participants to take part on their own time. In addition, trainers can be assured the training is completed.

  • Human Resources

    Video is an ideal tool for recruiting. The screening process can be performed over video so that only the most qualified candidates are brought in. Also, training can be delivered efficiently and cost effectively to remote employees and offices.

  • State and Local Courts

    Courts use video conferencing as a cost-effective and safer method for communicating with prisoners. Remote video depositions expedite the process and are most helpful in civil cases. In addition, video calls can be recorded and archived so that they can be played back when needed.


  • Emergency Services

    Emergency services and law enforcement teams require significant synchronization, field communication and training needs.  Visual communications can help train emergency personnel; provide a tool to share detailed information such as maps, building schematics, surveillance footage or event forensic evidence; and enhance communications.

  • Public Services

    HD video conferencing, streaming and recording solutions promote government responsiveness and improve citizen satisfaction by extending the reach and quality of services, wherever citizens may be located.

  • Judicial Services

    Visual communication solutions are used extensively within the justice system by courts, corrections, and probation and law enforcement.  Visual solutions reduce the amount of time it takes to handle cases, costs and risks associated with transporting inmates between facilities.

    As a premier visual communication managed services provider, Pinnaca delivers a portfolio of comprehensive solutions designed to help governmental organizations achieve their business initiatives. Learn from users in government who have partnered with Video Guidance to implement industry-leading video technologies. Benefit from our industry-specific video applications, achievements and best practices.



As a premier visual communication managed services provider, Pinnaca delivers a portfolio of comprehensive solutions designed to help legal and governmental organizations achieve their business initiatives. Learn from users in law and government who have partnered with Pinnaca to implement industry-leading video technologies. Benefit from  industry-specific video applications, achievements and best practices.


Solutions vary, but all follow the principle of higher value interactions equaling a better experience for legal & governmental organizations and interaction with citizens/public. Here are solutions currently deployed by legal & governmental organizations today:

  • Video technology deployed by law enforcement to communicate on-scene with the public while reporting back to dispatch
  • Video training for emergency personnel across counties in various states
  • Video communication for depositions where legal professionals can communicate with inmates, experts or judicial employees
  • Video collaboration for attorneys to meet, prepare documents, participate in briefings and training on new procedures


  • Reduce costs in travel and operations
  • Expand collaborative reach
  • Conduct training and access remote experts
  • Enable citizens to communicate with legal & governmental organizations


  • Lawyers & firms
  • City, county, state and federal government officials
  • Citizens
  • Clients and/or partners


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