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Did you know manufacturing businesses can accelerate time-to-market initiatives by an average of 20% or more with visual communication solutions? Video collaboration enables manufacturing teams to easily meet from any location, reaching employees, partners, suppliers and distributors on-demand. Benefits include reduced time-to-market, reduced costs and more efficient collaboration.



  • Accelerate product development

  • Improve quality, reduce cost of design and production

  • Streamline the supply chain


  • Leverage remote experts

    Remote capabilities enable an entire company’s network of skilled professionals to stay connected, creating a virtual pool of experts.

  • Reduce travel costs

    Cisco studies have shown that companies enjoy up to 100% reduction in travel expenses when their plat operations are isolated from experts.

  • Deploy effective training solutions

    Dynamic instructional video provides a better visual understanding of methods.

  • Improve production processes and product development

    In the design, prototype, and launch phases, real-time video enables instant collaboration, reducing the amount of design and productions work.

  • Quality assurance

    Teams can remotely analyze product components or configuration designs, taking the time and cost out of the process.



As manufacturers grow their business, Pinnaca’s video technologies will continue to increase worker productivity. The workplace will see more handheld devices in tablet form. Manufacturers involved will want to have more control, more access and more security, and with it will come more complexity if not implemented thoughtfully and correctly. Pinnaca’s team of experts is here to help your company through the design, applications, implementation and challenges of deploying the strategic visual communications to meet your mission critical business goals.


Worker mobility is one of the biggest trends in manufacturing organizations. Mobile workers using their BYODs (bring your own devices) today include: engineers, technicians, plant managers, maintenance personnel, product designers, and quality control and factory workers. The ability to see what is going on is the advantage of mobile video-enabled workers. These mobile workers can move around the plant and send real-time video to developers in conference rooms using telepresence techniques.


  • Cost-effective
  • Greater accessibility
  • Efficient operations for time-t0-market
  • Increased revenue generation


  • Employees
  • Partners
  • Vendors
  • Executives


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