VCaaS powered by Cisco Resources

Adding new video technology to your company can cause a lot of anxiety for individuals not familiar with using them.  In the case of Video Conferencing as a Service (VCaaS), it not only involves adding new processes to user’s workflow, it can also mean making big adjustments to how people communicate.

Pinnaca understands these concerns and strives to make these adjustments easier for our customers.   We offer a variety of user adoption resources and  programs from online hands-on training to self-training resources below.

Please take a look.  Or, if you have other training challenges, our User Adoption department will be happy to work with you to make sure those challenges are met.

User Adoption Resources

WebRTC Support

Pinnaca will provide Customer Support Center (CSC) support to a user utilizing WebRTC for “Named User Accounts.”

If a “Named User” provides a “Non-Named User” with a WebRTC link to join a conference and the “Non-Named User” has issues, the “Named and Non-Named Users” must jointly contact Provider’s CSC for support.   Pinnaca’s CSC will assist the “Non-Named User” with troubleshooting WebRTC functionality, account login support and accessing the VCaaS web portal or accessing a specific VCaaS coSpace.

Pinnaca’s CSC will not assist the “Non-Named User” with browser application installation, wireless and/or wired network configuration, webcam, microphone and/or speaker installations or firewall configurations.