Getting the Best from Video Conferencing

You and your video account

  • Keep your video account login details to hand – these will have been emailed to you
  • You can download our VC Connect video software here
  • Make sure your video client is set to start up and sign in at your system login
  • If you’ve purchased support, contact them at:–APAC region: +852 2281 5300–EMEA region: +44 203 841 8555–Video or email:

Getting the best video experience

  • Use a high definition webcam – 720p or better
  • Use a headset with a microphone where possible as they help to eliminate background noise
  • Adjust your video bandwidth to suit your connection speed. A good connection should use 768kbps (connection of > 5mbps), a slow connection should use as low as 256kbps  (connection < 1mbps)
  • Avoid fabrics with complicated patterns such as checks, tight/close stripes, herringbones, tweeds, and loud plaids. Fabrics of this design tend to strobe on camera.
  • Avoid extremes of lighting – low light or direct sunlight. These tend to silhouette or washout your displayed video
  • If you’re not going to be speaking for a long time, it’s good etiquette to mute your audio to remove any background noises
  • Implement QoS on your local network – the first outbound link is the slowest. If you get video out of this link with top priority, the remaining hops are usually no problem.

Extending your video reach

  • Add your video address to your email signature
  • Let your customers and colleagues know you’re on video and we’ll arrange them a 2 week free trial
  • Add your video address to your business card
  • Let people know on your social media sites that you’re now available via video

Technical jargon – get the knowledge

  • VC Connect – this is the software video client that is installed on a computer or mobile device to enable video conferencing
  • VMR – a virtual meeting room. Where you and two or more persons can collaborate together
  • QoS – Quality oService. Further info here:
  • Conference PIN – a four or five digit number used to allow access to a virtual meeting room
  • Service Plan – think of it like a mobile phone contract, except for video
  • On-net – using the VC Connect network to call other people on the VC-Connect network
  • Off-net – using the VC Connect network to call people off the VC-Connect network, i.e. going over the public internet
  • High Definition – a high quality resolution picture
  • 720p – the minimum resolution for a video call to be classed as high definition. Also used is 1080p, this is a better resolution than 720p
  • Firewall – a hardware device that protects your network from bad people
  • Ports – an application specific number that allows internal and external systems or software to talk to each other.
  • SIP – a video protocol, typically looks like an email address
  • H.323 – a video protocol, usually used on older systems. Can look like a bunch of numbers, e.g. 321@
  • E.164 – is an international numbering plan for public telephone systems. Your own phone number is an E.164 number – did you know that?
  • IP address – a unique network address assigned to a computer or video system