How do I register to the video platform?

If you want to be able to receive calls on our service, you must first register with our cloud video platform using an alias, username, and password provided either by your system administrator or the sign-up process. These credentials must match a registration entry on our system in order for the registration to be accepted.

Using VC-Connect (software client)

If you don’t already have the software, you can download it from here.

To register your VC-Connect desktop client to receive calls:

  1. Go to the Settings screen (from the top right of the VC-Connect home screen, select Settings cog.png).
  2. In the Registration section of the Settings screen, enter the Alias (your video address) and Password provided to you by your sign-up process. Be aware that the username and password are case-sensitive, and some devices will default to uppercase for the first character of the user name.
  3. Select Remember password.
  4. Select Register.

When you have successfully registered, the button will change to Unregister, and when you return to the home screen (by selecting left_arrow.png) there will be a green icon next to your name and your registered alias will be shown underneath:


The notification icon for VC-Connect will also have a green dot on it: registered_icon.png. This dot will change to red if you become unregistered: unregistered_icon.png.

Now, when someone calls your endpoint by dialing the Alias you have registered with, you will get an incoming call alert at the bottom right of your screen showing the name and address of the person or meeting room who is calling you:


For the VC-Connect desktop client, you can disable the sound of the incoming call alert by going to Settings and selecting a Ringtone of None.

Using a hardware endpoint

Given the number of variations of video hardware endpoints, the following instructions are provided for you as a generic guide. Please see you manufacture user guides for further information on registrations to a video service.

On signing up to our cloud video platform, you will have been provided with the following details:

  • Video Address – this is your SIP video address (or SIP URI), i.e. the address you can be called from another video user
  • Username – your registration username (case-sensitive)
  • Password – your registration password (case-sensitive)
  • Registration Server (sometimes referred to as a SIP proxy or gateway server) –

On your video endpoint, you should enable the SIP protocol with the values provided in the relevant fields on your system. If successful, you’ll get a system status of, “Registered” or “Connected”.

How do I test my video is working?

Please see this help guide.