Troubleshooting Tips

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan and having a poor video session can be a real frustration, but there are ways to help resolve some of those issues.

  • Blocky video quality? Lower your bandwidth and try again.
  • Bad audio quality? Lower your bandwidth and try again.
  • Can’t sign in or register? Check your registration details. Does the SIP status say ‘Registered’. If the details are correct, then see ‘Firewalls’ section below.

Place a test call

If you’re registered to our service but you’re experiencing video connectivity issues (people can’t see or hear you, etc), call our test call service at (or via a browser). This is what people will experience and see when you call them. If this doesn’t work correctly, then it’ll be time to check your firewall settings…


The most common problem (by quite a large margin) for our customers is company firewalls. Some companies have very locked down firewalls, and as such will need to open up specific access for our service (the same applies for all video service providers – it’s not unique to us). You can find our firewall guide here, and this should be passed onto your network administrator or IT team to set up.

Network issues

Between you and our service there can be dozens of bits of network infrastructure passing the video traffic back and forth (a.k.a. the internet). Sometimes there can be issues. Clearly this something that is outside of our control, although should you want to ping test or trace route our service, you can use the address: and see if you’re getting packet loss.