Endpoint Registering to the Wrong Location

Our platform uses AWS DNS (Route 53) and ensures that you register to the nearest data centre to your location. This ensures that you can use the minimum latency available to connect into our system. You can also view this by using this incredibly handy website: https://asm.ca.com/en/ping.php. If you put in pex1.dial.vc and click ‘Start’ you will see the various checkpoints around the globe response to the appropriate region. To assist in what you’re looking at:

  • 91.233.183.x = Hong Kong data centre
  • 91.244.117.x = London data centre
  • 40.86.184.x = USA data centre (note ping here results in ‘packet loss 100%’ as the ports are locked down – this is fine)
  • 114.141.187.x = China data centre

If your endpoints are registering to the wrong location, you should check the following details:

  1. From a computer in the same subnet as the endpoint, go to the website https://www.whatismyip.com/ – what is the Public IPv4 and Location returned? If this isn’t the same country as you, this might create issues with registering to the wrong location.
  2. Take a note of the DNS values on the endpoints and run the following command against the DNS servers in a command prompt or PowerShell CLI: nslookup pex1.dial.vc
  3. The resulting IP address returned should be geographically the same region as IP lookup Location. Compare the result using the Google DNS servers: nslookup pex1.dial.vc – these should be the same unless your location in Step 1 wasn’t the same as where you are located.

If these are problems then this is outside the control of VC-Connect and you will need to investigate this internally or with your provider. Typical issues can be an IP address block being located in an alternate location to you.

The work around is to either register to a specific location using:

  • us.dial.vc – registrations only in USA
  • uk.dial.vc – registrations only in United Kingdom
  • hk.dial.vc – registrations only in Hong Kong
  • cn.dial.vc – registrations only in China

Or manually register using an IP address, please contact Support for manual IP details.

Note that either work around method doesn’t provide for resilience in the event of a site or registration node going offline. Using our DNS of pex1.dial.vc will resolve that problem.